About us

Palmers of Leicester Ltd

We have a passion for places and a penchant for people.

From maneuvering a Dinkey Diecast car and caravan at six and travelling Europe in a grey J4 Austin van.
A passion was born.

At the age of 8, I was working in my father's shop selling goods to our customers, which shaped and honed my people skills and that end desire for them to leave our little family shop happy.

Someone once said that you may not always remember what a person said to you, but you always remember how they made you feel, sentiment that I was able to take forward with me. In 2005, all this culminated into the birth of Palmers of Leicester LTD.

Started by myself and my wife. Along with our shared desire of people and places, we set about sharing our passion with others. Now I have the beautiful job of taking someone on their special day everyday..

Henry Thompson (Founder)

The Fleet

Our Coaches

51 & 55 Seater

On Board Toilet

Fully seat belted, curtains and isle carpets.

Everyone Out


The Seats

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